• What is Casting Wax - Lost Wax

    What is Casting Wax - Lost Wax
    What is Casting Wax - Lost Wax A specially formulated wax used in patterns for casting. See Casting
  • What is Casting?

    What is Casting?
    A blog post with a definition of Casting as it pertains to jewelry manufacture
  • What is a Cartouche?

    What is a Cartouche?
    1. A cartouche is a symmetrical ornamental tablet used in decoration or in engraving. 2. In horology, a porcelain plaque for a clock or a watch dial numeral. 3. A conventional figure, usually symmetrical, enclosing a maker's mark.
  • What is Carnelian

    What is Carnelian
    Carnelian is a reddish-brown, orange-brown, or yellow-brown variety of Chalcedony. Used in inexpensive jewelry and carved Chinese objects. The color is caused by iron oxide.  
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