I’m a third-generation jeweler. I grew up in my dad’s jewelry store where I learned early on about gold manufacturing. 

Then as I grew up, I started learning about diamonds and I studied and became GIA certified in diamonds. 

My biggest passion is vintage and estate jewelry.

In my dad's store, I used to spend most of my time in the shop area as we had a full manufacturing shop, with our own casting and stone setting. I remember watching the jewelers doing a lot the work by hand, wax carving and even some straight metal carving and shaping, this is when I fell in love with jewelry design.

My favorite thing to watch was wax carving. It used to fascinate me to see a mini sculpture being shaped little by little. I remember we made an 18-wheeler, a gun, an AK-47 machine gun, a palm tree, a clown, and lots of name pendants and name rings.

It still fascinates me to this day.

I have always had a passion for high-quality craftsmanship and I’m proud of the fact that all my jewelry manufacturing is done by artisans in the U.S.

I also specialize in buying complete estate jewelry collections so you will see some very good prices from the pieces I buy direct.

When not working, I enjoy reading, (especially about history) cars, and going to the movies with my 21-year-old daughter. (pre covid, now at home :) 





Please be patient with my photography skills 😎



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