The Engagement Ring Vault

15 products
Mostly Rare and Vintage one of a Kind Rings from a Bygone Era.
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The Cocktail Ring Vault

20 products
A Carefully Curated Collection of Vintage and Modern Designs
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The Gift Vault

116 products
A collection of carefully curated fun gift items for you or your loved ones.
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The Turquoise Vault

12 products
A vault of vintage beauties and carefully hand-crafted Turquoise jewelry
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The Earrings Vault

19 products
From vintage to modern, a meticulously curated collection
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The Necklace Vault

52 products
For all things encompassing the neck - necklaces, pendants, and chains
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The Gentleman's Vault

29 products
A Curation of Mostly Vintage Men's Jewelry
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The Bracelet Vault

6 products
Bracelets of all types for Ladies and Gents
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The Pearl Vault

54 products
A carefully curated selection of pearls
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The Gemstone Vault

24 products
For those who prefer their Gemstones without the accompaniment of diamonds
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The Cufflinks Vault

36 products
A Carefully Curated Collection of Vintage Cufflinks for the Elegant Gentleman.      
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