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Scintillating Baroque Pearl Opera Necklace - One of a Kind on a Budget
A scintillating, one of a kind baroque pearl necklace, at an awesome price!Don't you just love the infinite world of pearls? with all their shapes and sizes? Here we have a true one of a kind opera strand, with its range of...
Delicious Chocolate Colored Pearl Necklace
Elegant and classy, this glistening chocolate colored pearl necklace makes a beautiful gift option that is sure to show how much you care. 55 Freshwater Circle pearls 7mm to 7.5mm Length of necklace is 18 inches. High quality 14K yellow gold clasp...
Gleaming Peach Freshwater Baroque Pearl Necklace in 17"
I love baroque shaped pearls because of their infinite world of shapes and sizes. This gleaming necklace has plenty of character and lots of shimmer. The soft peach color of the pearls heightens the allure and will be getting the owner noticed...
Gleaming Peacock Tahitian Circle Pearl Necklace in 18"
One of my favorite things about pearls are the infinite number of shapes they come in. Like these circle pearls, I find it fascinating that each pearl has circles around it. So much character! and, so much cheaper than those...
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