Clasically Feminine Dainty Vintage Diamond Ring Wedding Band in 14K
Here is a clasically feminine vintage diamond band. It is thin and dainty but the handcrafted setting of the diamonds gives it a great look. Current finger size is 6 1/2 The diamonds are VS clarity and G/H color.  .05 ctw in...
$349.00 $197.00
Modern Design Exceptional Vintage Ruby Ring in 14K Gold
This modern design exceptional vintage ruby ring is handcrafted and setwith small but gorgeous color rubies.  It might be dainty but it pack a solid Punch! 😁 This gorgeous ring featuring rubies is a finger size 5 1/2, and ships immediately. Genuine...
Intriguing One of a Kind Vintage Sapphire and Diamond Estate Ring in 14K
This custom ring has luscious sapphires, flanked by diamonds, set into a really cool ring, so it makes a great statement and will get you compliments every time you wear it.  Why be boring when you can be so stylish? 2...
$1,499.00 $957.00
Sparkling Vintage Diamond Cocktail Bypass Ring in 14K with Old Cuts
Here is a simple but stylish vintage cocktail ring that is perfect for the index finger to make a power statement on a daily basis. The diamonds are VS clarity and G/H color. To make it even more unique, they are...
$999.00 $587.00
Scintillating One of a Kind Vintage Turquoise Multi-Ring Band in 18K
Here we have a scintillating one of a kind vintage turquoise ring that has three rows of turquoises and two rows of diamonds set with simple and elegant prongs.Currently finger size 7 A bold statement that will surely get noticed. It is...
$2,200.00 $987.00
SUPER RARE Exquisite Antique Lapis Lazuli and Tiny Seed Pearl Silver Ring
  It's not every day that I run into such a rare treat as this exquisite Lapis and pearl ring. The lapis has SO MUCH life and character and the tiny seed pearls are super rare and bring it all...
$999.00 $397.00
Intriguing Pink Sapphire and Diamond Ring in 10K
This ring has luscious pink sapphires, and lots of them, flanked by diamonds, all surrounded by an intriguing black antiquing, so it makes a great statement and will get you compliments every time you wear it.   Genuine Pink Sapphires .10...
Custom Designed 14K Rose Gold and Ruby Love Ring
This delicate ring was made right here in DTLA by local artisans and the handcrafted detailing is exquisite. This gorgeous ring featuring rubies is a size 6, and ships immediately. It is also available in 14k white, yellow as well, and...
Vintage Emerald Band with Amazing Deep Green in 14K
I am a huge fan of stacking bands of all shapes and types and as soon as I saw this exquisite emerald band, I fell in love. The deep green color of the round emeralds, the solid, handcrafted prongs with the...
Antique Dark Coral Cameo Ring in 14K
This antique handcrafted female beauty is artfully framed in a serpentine detail, you can see the imperfections of the craft-work and it looks amazing. The dark coral gives it a unique look that is sure to stand out. The best...
Vintage Italian Coral Cameo Ring in 14K
The intricate details on this classic, handcrafted beauty will surely catch everyone's attention. The body of the ring is solid yet simple, to not take away from the Cameo. The best part is the awesome price, only $297 Made in...
Handcrafted Vintage Diamond Bow Ring in 14K Gold
Part of a set, this handcrafted vintage diamond bow ring is gleaming not only from the high-quality diamonds but also from the exquisite finish all around the "bow" .80 ctw in round diamonds SI Clarity G/H Color Handcrafted in 14...
Dazzling Yellow Sapphire and Diamond Cocktail Ring in 18K Gold
This dazzling ring with yellow sapphires and white diamonds makes a bold statement. The contrast between the striking yellow sapphires pavé set in the rich 18K yellow gold against the bright white diamonds will be the starter of many conversations...
Astonishing Mid Century Diamond Cocktail Ring in 18K Gold
Part of a set, this Mid-Century diamond cocktail ring is nothing short of astonishing with its mini emerald cuts stepped up and down on top of the freeform round diamonds. Part of a set, this Mid-Century diamond cocktail ring is...
Opulent Vintage Diamond Cocktail Ring in 18K
This opulent vintage diamond cocktail ring SCREAMS of the days when women started wearing the cocktail ring. Do you know where the cocktail ring comes from? In the 1920s prohibition era, women were starting to gain far more freedom. Since...
Modern Cigar Band with 1ct Pear Shape Diamond in 18K Gold
Here we have a custom-designed modern cigar band with a striking one-carat pear shape diamond in the center that is embellished all around by small round diamonds with another row on one side to give the design an asymmetrical and...
Dazzling Emerald and Diamond Band in 18K
This dazzling Emerald and Diamond ciger band makes quite the announcement and will complement any outfit it is worn with. Oval Emerald weighing 0.60 ctw 6 rows of Diamonds weighing 0.58 ctw VS Clarity G/H Color Handcrafted in 18K Gold Excellent...
Striking Pink Sapphire and Diamond Filigree Band Handcrafted in Italy in 18K Gold
Here we have a striking 18K Pink Sapphire and Diamond two-tone Filigree Band inspired by the Italian Renaissance and manufactured in Italy.This delicate hand crafted band exudes elegance and refined simplicity. The contrast of the pink sapphires and the diamonds...
Shimmering Peridot Hand Crafted Ring with Morganites and Diamonds in 18K
Talk about one of a kind! Here we have a Custom Designed, one of a kind Peridot Ring with Morganites and Diamonds A sparkle of bright green hues and soft pink highlights set into this shimmering ring with its large...
Scintillating Step-Cut Square Emerald and Diamond Ring in 14K Gold
Celebrate your love with this scintillating step-cut square emerald and diamond ring makes a beautiful statement with its deep rich green color surrounded by channel set baguette diamonds 1.0 ctw in diamonds .58 ctw step-cut square Emerald Handcrafted in 14K...
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