Iconic .84 carat Old Cut Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring in Platinum
For the ones the prefer the iconic, the classic, the elegant. For the ones who live by the maxim, less is more, we have here an instant classic, with a bit more than the Tiffany solitaire but much less than...
Affordable Vintage two-tone Diamond Engagement Ring in 10K Gold
This vintage two-tone diamond engagement ring is very stylish and makes quite the statement even though it has small diamonds This vintage two-tone diamond engagement ring is very stylish and makes quite the statement even though it has small diamonds...
Hand Engraved Antique Victorian Engagement Ring in 18K Gold
This exquisite antique Victorian solitaire engagement ring was hand-engraved and it looks AMAZING! The two-tone is subtle but very elegant. The top was manufactured in 14K gold while the bottom is 18K gold. .50 ctw center diamond Hand Engraved SI1...
Vintage two-tone Diamond Engagement Ring in 18K Gold
This vintage diamond engagement ring with almost a carat total weight in diamonds is perfect to match up with several different types of diamond bands to make a wedding set. The center diamond is of very high quality. .65 ctw...
Exquisite Vintage Diamond Engagement Solitaire Ring in 18K Gold
This exquisite vintage engagement solitaire ring reminds me of the Victorian era rings with its unique center stone setting. The best part is it has an amazing quality diamond.  Round Diamond weighing 0.30 ctw VVS1 Clarity Excellent Fit and Finish...
Classically Femenine Vintage Diamond Engagement Ring in 14K Gold
Here we have a very unique vintage two-tone engagement ring with a SUPER high-quality center diamond .20 ctw in diamonds VVS1 clarity F color Handcrafted in 14K gold FREE SHIPPING AND RETURNS Hey There, Peter here, please feel free to...
Modern Cigar Band with 1ct Pear Shape Diamond in 18K Gold
Here we have a custom-designed modern cigar band with a striking one-carat pear shape diamond in the center that is embellished all around by small round diamonds with another row on one side to give the design an asymmetrical and...
Antique Diamond and Emerald 3-Stone Engagement Ring in 14K Gold
What a treasure to find! An antique engagement ring with an exquisite, richly saturated Colombian Emerald flanked by 2 old-fashioned cut diamonds with a captivating design such as this antique version of the three-stone ring. The handcrafted detail work is...
Platinum One of a Kind Engagement Ring with All Colored Diamonds
Maybe it's just me but this AWESOME custom-designed colored diamond engagement ring is hypnotizing to look at. The combination of the champagne center diamond surrounded by the pastel colors is very pleasing to look at. Over 3 carats in diamonds...
Antique Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring in 18KW Gold
This nostalgic diamond solitaire engagement ring is in excellent condition with the perfect patina. The detailed craftsmanship all around the center diamond is mesmerizing to look at.   For the badass individual that wants something totally unique and one of a...
Dazzling Emerald and Diamond Band in 18K
This dazzling Emerald and Diamond ciger band makes quite the announcement and will complement any outfit it is worn with. Oval Emerald weighing 0.60 ctw 6 rows of Diamonds weighing 0.58 ctw VS Clarity G/H Color Handcrafted in 18K Gold Excellent...
Striking Pink Sapphire and Diamond Filigree Band Handcrafted in Italy in 18K Gold
Here we have a striking 18K Pink Sapphire and Diamond two-tone Filigree Band inspired by the Italian Renaissance and manufactured in Italy.This delicate hand crafted band exudes elegance and refined simplicity. The contrast of the pink sapphires and the diamonds...
Classic Hand Engraved Vintage Diamond and Sapphire Engagement Ring in Platinum
This exquisite hand-engraved platinum engagement ring has sapphires and diamonds surrounding an F color center diamond that will make any future bride blush when she is presented with it. Modern brilliant cut center diamond Center diamond is 0.75 ctw SI2...
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