Modern Design Flat Link Men's Bracelet in 14K Two Tone Gold
This spectacular 14k white and yellow gold bracelet is powerful and elegant at the same time. The new moder link design reminds me of the presedential Rolex bracelet Ready to have some diamonds set into it if you prefer the bling  The...
Sleek Vintage Mens Modern Design Diamond Ring in Two Tone 18K Gold
A gleaming Princess cut diamond shimmers from all angles on this vintage mens sleek design ring. This cool ring is a size 6 right now whi is perfect for a cool pinky ring but I can have it sized to any size needed...
Super RARE and Awesome Pair of Vintage Filigree Cufflinks in 18K Gold
I don't know about you but when I see this pair of super rare cufflinks I see swashbuckling pirates immediately  😁 The detail filigree work on these cufflinks is simply incredible.  Every time he wears this pair, he will definitely...
Gorgeous Pair of Rare Vintage Turquoise Cufflinks in 18K Gold
Nothing says vintage more then braided elegance. And, the detail work on these ULTRA rare turquoise cufflinks is simply incredible.  The handcrafted 18K detailed goldwork contrasting color of the Turquoise looks incredibly rich. Every time he wears this pair, he...
Ultra Rare Vintage Turquoise Men's Nugget Ring in 18K Gold
This ULTRA rare shaped turquoise stone sits perfectly in this classic men's nugget ring. The handcrafted sumptuous 18K goldwork contrasting with the color of the Turquoise looks incredibly rich. A conversation piece that will make the wearer feel empowered every...
Rare Gorgeous Byzantine Style Black Diamond Cross in 14K Gold
This cross has a simple but exquisite design! Reminiscent of the old Byzantine designs from the Roman Era. I love how rich the hand set, black diamonds look in the yellow yellow gold. The perfect balance to make a bold statement ...
Modern Design Flat Link Cuban Men's Bracelet in 14K Gold
This spectacular 14k gold bracelet is powerful and elegant at the same time. The classic Cuban link with a modern twist. Ready to have some diamonds set into it if you prefer the bling  The smooth flat links make a sophisticated and fashionable...
Captivating Lion Motif Versace Inspired Vintage Cufflinks in Rich 18K Yellow Gold
These captivating cufflinks feature a vintage lion motif inspired by Versace, crafted in rich 18K yellow gold. Perfectly finished with a single green emerald in each.  Perfect for special occasions, they make a sophisticated statement and will add a timeless...
Shimmering Ruby and Diamond Vintage Men's Ring in 14K Gold
This timeless vintage men's ring features 3 gorgeous, brilliant cut diamonds that are flanked by a set of shimmering baguette cut rubies, handcrafted in 14K gold, creating a luxurious yet timeless look. The intricate craftsmanship of this amazing piece ensures...
UBER Rare Modern Design Vintage Mens Pink Star Sapphire Ring in 14K Gold
Pieces like this is why I love my career. UBER RARE! Plus it brings back memories of when I was growing up in my father's jewelry store. But he never had anything this cool! HAHA This awesome ring with its...
One of a Kind Vintage Hand Engraved Men's Diamond Cluster Ring in 14K Gold
I cannot say enough about the this awesome vintage diamond cluster ring for men. The diamonds all have an excellent cut with lots of FIRE and BRILLIANCE. It has a really cool hand engraving on the inside that reads "LOVE FOREVER" This shimmering diamond cluster...
Exquisite Montblanc Boheme Marron Rollerball Pen - New in Box - Rose Gold
Here we have an exquisite Boheme Marron Roller ball Montblance Pen-  New in the Box Rollerball pen. Barrel and cap made of black precious resin inlaid with Montblanc white star. Rose gold plated rings and clip set with smoky crystalline gemstone....
ULTRA RARE Vintage Antique 14K Gold Pocket Watch Chain with Custom Fob
 Here we have a rare find indeed. A splendid vintage 14k yellow gold pocket watch chain with a custom enamel fob. The fob is not hallmarked gold so I believe it to be gold filled. It is the symbol of...
Gleaming Vintage Onyx and Old Mine Cut Diamond Gents Pinky Ring in 10K Gold - ULTRA RARE
Pinky rings are BACK! This vintage ring has tons of character. The old mine cut is amazing. The setting is hand-crafted. The ring itself has an amazing design and the contrats of the colors really makes a bold statement. .20...
SUPER RARE Michel Perchin Fountain Pen - New in Box - Sterling Silver & 18K Gold
I am getting into the world of fine writing instruments and this is the first one landing on my site. It is my understanding that Michel Perchin is one of the rarest and finest brands in excistense. All sterling silver. New...
SUPER RARE Vintage Ferrari Key Chain Hand Crafted in 14K Gold
I fell in love with vintage Ferraris when I was 11 years old. On Pacific Cosat Highway by the beach in the Southern Californa area. I was with my mom and immediately asked her: "mom, what's that car?" she smiled...
RARE Vintage Cuban Link Diamond Bracelet Made in Italy - 18K Gold
I will always remember my dad's store, in design studio, the guys working on the Cuban link chains by hand. Fascinating! This spectacular Cuban link bracelet, with 8 white gold links with diamonds is a one of a kind rarity that doesn't...
Rare Hand Crafted Vintage Mens Rolex Design Signet Ring in 18K Gold
Signet rings are back! Not that the ever should have went away but they are back and I for one am celebrating. This spectacular rolex design ring will stand out and be the topic of lots of conversations every time you wear it. I...
Vintage Classic Mercedes Benz Cufflinks in 14K
I can't say enough about this amazing find! Here we have a pair of  Vintage 14 Karat Gold Mercedes Benz Cufflinks The emblems on these pieces are made of 18K gold Perfect for the vintage car enthusiast It is part...
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